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WAYS  We Connect

Our graduation show titled WAYS highlights the journey that we have taken from the first day of school to Graduation and further connects our paths for the future. WAYS is a tribute to using an array of mediums and to connecting with each other through collaboration and positive relationships. Today, technology is one common denominator that unites us, and even though we are from diverse locations and backgrounds, we are able to stay connected with the friends that we have made over the past three years. Everyone in this graduating class is a component of this circuit board of connectivity that we call MHC Visual Communications.

Visual Communications Program

The Visual Communications program strives to integrate the fine arts with design, preparing us to be involved in the entire creative and technical process, from concept through production. While each of us share common classes focused on fundamentals and design, our choices of electives set ourselves apart. It is despite these differences we connect as a community, each of us bringing our unique perspective when we come together.